New trends in the production of concrete

Contemporary trends in construction coming into your country. Metalika adopt new technology of concrete and set new standards.

The concrete industry is slowly changing thanks to manufacturers and designers who are trying to create and identify new and better way of solving long-standing problems in the production of concrete. There are new products and approaches that will affect the production of concrete.

The construction industry is aimed at using innovation, the products are strong, durable construction that effectively use the material. There are new products and methods by which this objective will be achieved.

Great concrete machines

Thanks to the caring eye of endurance, concrete mix is ​​changing and will change in many ways.

Concrete is considered a natural material, and create concrete is an artificial composite, part of which are binders, water, air and mineral aggregate – coarse and fine sand. Modern production of concrete means and adding chemical additives such as color pigments and reinforcing material.

Previously, the rule was that the key to high-quality concrete cement a certain amount or a certain ratio of cement and water. Today, the key to high-quality concrete is finding other methods that are energy efficient and environmentally friendly.

Pepo, blast furnace slag, metakaolin, pozzolana and other by-products of industrial processes give strength and other desirable characteristics of concrete mix with much lower energy consumption and carbon emissions in relation to production of concrete mixtures only portland cement.

The use of supplementary cementitious materials has already become a practice, and their beneficial effects ensure their continued role in the production of concrete.

In order to achieve the positive characteristics of concrete, are also participating, and various additives which improve the thermal properties of concrete, resistance to cracking and easier pouring concrete using concrete pumps. The additive into the concrete mix, concrete is more elastic, which helps to reduce the possibilities of cracking upon drying.

The products of the new generation of synthetic fibers for reinforcement of concrete mixtures help in achieving results that older versions of this material could not be achieved, because their effects were limited, because the fibers are used in high doses to prevent cracking of concrete, hard for mixing and pouring concrete .

New macrosynthetic fiber which appeared to have the characteristics that facilitate the process of mixing, discharging and design of concrete with the use of high doses of fiber. The new fibers are twisted shapes that prevents clotting, and also increases strength concrete mix, and allow for easier pouring and shaping concrete.

A large amount of synthetic fibers in the concrete slab, provides a certain level of elasticity, prevents cracking, while providing durable and solid surface, whic is is capable to withstand large loads.

To note that the use of fiber reinforcement  reduces the use of labor. The most important benefit provided by the use of fiber  is to improve the characteristics of concrete and its durability.

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