Robotic line for wet cast concrete

Metallica has for long time great production program. In addition to the production of equipment for concrete products, recently Metalika released to the market a new, fully automated production – robotic production line for the  wet cast concrete.

All products line Metalike has, allow rapid production of regular, consistent quality, and rapid return on investment. Metalika company develops and offers the market a whole range of production lines for pouring wet concrete.

-CAROUSEL System for concrete products of maximum dimensions 500×500 mm, filling the mold, the product is suitable for the production of concrete blocks, paving slabs, concrete wall tile, concrete panel walls and fences and other minor concrete products.

-The Line filling of concrete products maximum dimensions 1000x2000mm product is suitable for the production of large concrete products, such as decorative wall panels, concrete floor tiles, sanitary ware, concrete tables and other concrete products.

– Robotic production line for special concrete products such as concrete elements for construction, concrete elements for industrial needs and concrete pumps with high output.

All of these production lines guarantee constant quality, high yield and optimum safety for operators, enabling the production of different types of items on the same line.

The production process can be automatic or semi-automatic. The production line support each stage of the production process.

-Mixers and concrete bases used for concrete

-Belt conveyors for concrete and other concrete trucks used to transport concrete to the site
– Flling concrete has a function as a unit for measuring and dosing of concrete, with automatic weight control.

-Robotic pliers are used for stacking and packing the mold and concrete products

-Transport products on the maturation of the concrete and the return of the room for maturing

Shelves and shelves-rail transportation system in the area where the concrete matures.

– Demoulding station, I removing  from the moulds.

-Proces  for oiling and cleaning the moulds.

-Automatic Weight control and optical control of dimensions and quality of products

Production lines operated by Metallica ranging from the simplest to the highly automated using very few manual labours.

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