Concrete Block Machine Equipment

Construction machines are synonymous with technological development. Designing new model, and adapting existing ones to meet the quality requirements in terms of volume, speed and quality of construction work.

The use of machines for concrete works in the field of construction is imminent, indeed there are examples of the construction machine is constructed and produced for a predetermined construction work or object. Machinery in this part of the construction industry is very active, especially in the production of small construction machinery. Therefore, we frequently see new machines in the market.

In the construction equipment Concrete include all kinds of typical machines, special construction funds, technological equipment and machines for concrete structures.

Metalika Sopot manufacture concrete machines for processing concrete, self-propelled vibratory presses, highly productive, stable presses for the production of blocks, curbs, behaton , grid, Mixer different size and mini-planetary mixer concrete plant, lines for billets, Straighteners for concrete, mechanical presses for concrete crusher brick and stone, rebar bender …

We offer the following special machinery concrete:

– Fixed Concrete Stone machines

– Mobile and stationary machines for concrete blocks

– Plants for concrete blocks and Stone on a “turnkey”

– Molds for concrete elements for blocks, behaton curb/plates, flower pots, parking grids, chimneys …)

– Presses and lines of cleavage blocks of stone and concrete

– Machines for concrete pipes C-600 is a machine for the production of non-reinforced concrete pipes principle of rotary heads

– Concrete mixers of various sizes (M-250 / M-500 / M-750 / M-375 / M-1000)

Great concrete machines

The concrete base:

Purpose of the concrete base is to produce high quality and quantity of concrete in a relatively small device, which is achieved with continuous adding and mixing aggregates, cement, water and additives in the desired relationship. The main parts are: hoppers with strap unit, mixer and dispenser for cement. Produced concrete is discharged from the mixer directly on the conveyor belt or conveyor basket. Continuous dosing of aggregates and cement is done by regulating the number of revolutions per minute conveyor. Continuous dosing of water and additives is carried out by regulating the pressure and flow. Dispenser consists of cement screw conveyor with hopper and rotary valve positioned above the mixer. Supply of cement silos can be made in “big bag”, or “hopper” with the capacity of 500kg.

Automatic concrete bases are of medium capacity and an extremely favorable price:


  • Suitable for producing all kinds of concrete,
  • Mobile– easily loaded on a truck or in a container,
  • Compact – takes up little space,
  • They can be installed in one day,
  • Low price,
  • A small investment in preparing the foundation,


Machines for processing of reinforcing steel which includes Straighteners (Automatic line for straightening and cutting reinforcing steel), Benders (hydraulic machines for bending and cutting reinforcing steel, and knives.


– Silos for concrete

– Circular saw blades for wood and stone

– Mills of stone, brick rubble and glass

All these machines Concrete differences among the numerous operational and structural characteristics, followed by their mobility, according to special technological procedures and operations of concrete works in which they participate.

Metalika strives to provide its customers with the best possible service throughout a range of equipment and complete technical support after the sale.

All products are distinguished high quality Metallic in terms of design and functionality, which are adapted to the conditions in the building industry around world. As a proof, there are numerous references that used Metalika products in buildings worldwide: Like Russia, Sweden, Polish, Georgia, Romania, Bulgaria, the countries of former Yugoslavia, Libya, Morocco, Egypt, Ghana, Guinea, Tanzania, Angola.

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