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Metalika concrete making machines:

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Concrete mixers Metalika

Factory “ Metalika” manufactures good quality Concrete mixers for concrete products for concrete production industry and custom made solutions upon customer’s request.

Metalika have been in business for 40 years. Our concrete mixers, according to customers from all over the world, have proven as successful, reliable and productive.

Concrete Mixers :


Concrete pan mixers M-250, M-500, M-750 and drum mixer M-375 METALIKA

Metalika offers range of Pan Mixers with outputs from 125 litres to 330 litres.

Pan Mixers are designed for concrete block industry, but also ideal for mixing mortar and wet and dry concrete.

Drum mixer M-375 is ideal for on-site operations. If equiped with diesel engine, M-375D can operate in distant areas without electric grid.

Main features:
• Suitable for dry or wet concrete mixture
• Durable –side and bottom linings
• Wear ressistant mixing blades
• Strong transmission

Concrete pan mixer M-250












Concrete pan mixer M-500













Drum concrete mixer M-375



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