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Metalika concrete making machines:

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Concrete Pipe Machine Manufacturer

Factory “ Metalika” manufactures high-technology machines for concrete production industry and custom made solutions upon customer’s request.

Metalika have been in business for 40 years. Our Concrete Pipe Machine, according to customers from all over the world, have proven as successful, reliable and productive.

Concrete Pipe Machine :

Concrete Pipe Machine C-1200 METALIKA

The C-1200 machine for concrete pipes, combines low cost production, high output and simplicity into one outstanding package.

With its new core vibration sistem, the C-1200 will produce pipe in numbers and compaction never-before achieved.

Diameter of pipe produced is from 300-1200mm. Lengths up to 1000mm.

Main feature:
• High output
• Semiautomatic
• Extra rigid machine frame structure
• Simple to use and maintenance
• Strong vibrations
• Feeder for concrete

Optional features:
• Automatic control unit with touch screen for even higher productivity and accurate cycle duplication
• Accu driven cart for pipes
• Modem link to Metalika technical service department


Technical data:
Min inside pipe diameter - 300mm
Max inside pipe diameter - 1200mm
Max pipe lenght - 1000mm
Power - 25kW





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