Concrete base

Concrete base Metalika

Construction of concrete equipment is very important for construction companies. With good quality concrete construction  companies can get quality construction in a short period of time. By providing quality construction services to its customers in a short period of time, reduce labor costs and increase profits.

With the advancement of technology, today is a set of specific equipment for the concrete used in construction companies improve the construction process. Some of the basic and most important pieces of equipment for concrete is used widely in the production process in construction.

Production of concrete is much efficient  , if used concrete plant.

Concrete factory

Concrete plants are made according to modern concept. They are simple and robust construction, with few moving parts, whose work is a reliable and cost-effective and have a long service life. They are used for the production of concrete on construction sites or in factories concrete component manufacturers.

After the capacity can be

-mini concrete plants

-Factory concrete, made for  high-capacity production.

With the help of concrete plant, concrete which is used for construction is obtained by appropriate mixing of all the ingredients, such as sand, gravel, water and cement, and then the concrete is transferred to the site ready for use. The main advantage of using concrete plants is to reduce the inefficiencies and losses that occur during the production of concrete on building site. Factory can be stationary or mobile.

Stationary concrete plants are usually good for projects in which there is a need for a greater amount of concrete, but in only one place.

Mobile concrete plants are widely used in projects where there is a requirement to produce and transport concrete from city to city.

Factory mobile bases, are suitable for the production of all types of concrete, can be easily loaded onto a truck or in a container, take up little space, are installed in one day, can be automatic and semiautomatic.

Machines for concrete are useful for the execution of concrete structures, and therefore it is very important that they have a construction company.

The company offers quality Metalika made concrete base.

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Concrete batching plants

Metallica products and other machines at a given technical documentation.

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